Roman masonry - from Bannister Fletcher

barrel vault // groin vault

A Roman domus with tabernae all around its perimeter

The building type diagrams

Diagram of a domus

Diagram of a domus

The ostium

The atrium and the impluvium (above)

An atrium with columns

An atrium at Pompei (impluvium basin in foreground)

Peristyle garden



Tabularium reconstruction

Tabularium as it looks today

Temple of Vesta in the forum

Temple of Vesta as it looks today

Temple of Vesta as it looks today

Temple of Jupitor Optimus Maximus as rebuilt about 100 BCE by Sulla

Facade of the Temple of Jupitor Maximus Optimus

Plan of the Forum of Julius and the Forum of Augustus

The Curia Julia - the chamber of the Roman Senate

Forum of Augustus - Temple of Mars in the center

Maison Carree in Nimes

Maison Carree in Nimes

Virginia Capitol based on Maison Carree

Tomb of Augustus

Overall Map of Rome

Location of the Tomb of Augustus

Tomb of Augustus showing horologis

The Ara Pacis

Vitruvius publishes Ten Books of Architecture in 25 BCE

Emperor Trajan

Plan of forum showing Trajan's Forum location

Emperor Trajan's basilica reconstruction by Gorski

Trajan's Column

Trajan's Column - illustrated by National Geographic

Trajan's Forum

Trajan's Market - multiple stories of tabernae

Emperor Hadrian

Hadrian's Wall

Location of Hadrian's Wall

Temple of Venus and Rome

Plan of Hadrian's Villa

The Water Theater at Hadrian's Villa

Caryatids at the canopus of Hadrian's Villa

The other end of the canopus

Location of Pantheon


Pantheon interior

Inscribing a sphere

Pantheon section from Palladio

Pantheon elevation from Palladio

Pantheon plan

UVa Rotunda (1826) - a half-scale version of Pantheon

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