Map of Greece

Location of Paestum

Plan of Paestum

Aerial of Paestum

Velasquez painting from c. 1800

Temple of Hera I at Paestum

Temple of Hera II (Poseidon) at Paestum

Temple of Athena at Paestum

Temple of Athena by Piranesi

Saved by the mosquito

The Greek Orders

The Greek Orders - showing relative slenderness proportions (note the archaic)

The Greek Entablatures all composed of same three parts

The Greek Temple plans - many variations

The Doric

The Ionic

Diagram of construction

Actual gutter detail (see previous)

Diagram of construction

Site drawing of the agora

Agora site superimposed on 1832 map

Temple of Hephaestus at the agora

Site plan of the acropolis - time of Pericles

Painting by Leo von Klenze

Plan of Parthenon and Erechtheon

Section of Propylea (gateway)

Elevation of Propylea (gateway)

South elevation of the Erechtheon w caryatids

Restored entablature

Parthenon diagram restored

Optical distortion

Diagram of the parthenon

Athena by Varvakeion - 40 inches tall

Nashville's replica Parthenon from 1896

Nashville's Athena - 40 feet tall

Aerial of the acropolis

The Parthenon

Parthenon restoration by Paul Debevec and the Institute for Creative Technologies at University of Southern California

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